Population Health in a Post-Fee-For-Service World, with Grace Terrell at Cornerstone Health Care

Grace TerrellAre you ready to escape the “tyranny” of the 15-minute office visit?

Grace Terrell is the CEO of Cornerstone Health Care, a 250-physician, multi-site, multispecialty group practice in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina; it’s an Accountable Care Organization, and it is in value-based contracts with 100% of its commercial payors. Spread out over 85 different practice sites in a largely rural area, it sees 250,000 patients annually. All of these factors come together in a way that allows Cornerstone to practice population health, and to address chronic disease in a holistic manner that is not usually done in a traditional fee-for-service practice.

In discussing cost and quality, Dr. Terrell focused on diabetes:

One of the things, obviously, that is one of the biggest challenges in population health has to do with diabetes and its enormous impact that it has on quality for life for patients and its increasing prevalence, particularly as the population is aging.There’s not a contract out there that we have that doesn’t focus on diabetes as the first and foremost population health issue to tackle within the context of both the cost as well as looking at quality parameters.So a lot of the focus that we have seen has been evaluating what sort of ways we can put things in place to really address that part of our patient population.

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