Diabetes Innovation: The Secret Sauce

BEOften, when we think about innovation, we immediately think of hi-tech devices, software or platforms.

In the midst of this year’s Diabetes Innovation conference, and even acknowledging that many people with diabetes are joined at the hip (literally) to some pretty hi-tech tools, it is worth slowing down for a moment to consider the value and efficacy of decidedly low-tech solutions.

Earlier this year, Susannah Fox (a speaker at this year’s conference) coauthored a report published by the Pew Research Center entitled Tracking for Health. This report collects survey data showing that while 60% of U.S adults track diet or exercise, and 33% track their own health — 49% track only in their heads, 34% use paper and only 21% use technology (web, app, device) for personal tracking.

People with diabetes are certainly well-represented among the 33% of the population who are self-identified health care self-trackers — but remember, most self-trackers are decidedly low-tech. [Read more...]

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A teenager takes control: Hadley George

hadley georgePlenty of people with diabetes struggle with the daily rituals involved in keeping themselves healthy.

Not everyone — and certainly not all fourteen-year-old girls with Type 1 diabetes — have the wherewithal to recognize the burnout, decide to take action, and begin to build a local community group of peers with diabetes.

That’s exactly what Hadley George did.

When I asked her what she’s looking forward to about Diabetes Innovation 2013, she answered:

This is not an experience that kids of my age normally get. I’m only fifteen years old and I get to do this, so I am very blessed. I hope that people hear my story and maybe will start something like this in their town. And I also hope that it will give hopes for people who have children with Type 1 that it’s not the end of the world and that great things can come out of it. Because I would say that, I am very — I know this sounds weird, but I am very glad that I have Type 1, because it’s really given me a different outlook on life. And although in November and December, I wasn’t really thinking this, now I have gotten so many new friends and it’s just really changed my life for the better.

Listen in on our conversation now, and come hear Hadley discuss community building at Diabetes Innovation 2013.

Read the full transcript after the jump.

Hadley George Diabetes Innovation Interview 08 2013

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